Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poem: When you love someone, let them go

I can't help but wonder
If there is someone like me out there
A person who is lost
And broken beyond repair

Sometimes I watch the days
Go by slowly like myself
Walking my own road
And choosing my own path

To walk a road so steep
Is a risk I have to take
Wondering what goes on
Beyond that vast blue sky

At times like these when saddened I am
I tend to let my mind wonder off
Into the deepest of the seven seas
Up till the highest of the hills

Still I wonder if worthy I am
To keep his heart close to mine alone
Would I go blind or would I be strong
If one day I should let him go

People say love is bad
But some say love is good
Good or bad does not matter
As long as I know what's true
What's true is that I love him
And for him there's nothing I won't do

Too good a day to choose
When I have him in my arms
Too bad a person to be
When reluctant I am to let him be free

Love is tiring
And love is painful
To choose to love
To choose to be loved
I choose neither
For I know the consequences

If I choose to love
I have to let him go
If I choose to be loved
Still, I have to let him go
Both is painful like a dagger in  the heart
How can I choose when both choices are torture?

That is why I choose to disappear
So I would never at all try to achieve the word love.

When you love someone, let them go.